Frank Newfeld at McClelland & Stewart

Frank Newfeld and McClelland & Stewart's Design for Poetry Series.

Includes nineteen illustrations and a photograph of Frank Newfeld as a young man. By Randall Speller.

Digitizing the Canadian Printer & Publisher. By Anne Dondertman and Marlene Van Ballegooie.

In Memoriam, Richard Outram. By Wayne Clifford.

Dingbats, Ornaments and Fanciful Initials. Includes six headpieces, ten initials and six tailpieces. By Tim Inkster.

A Rogue's Gallery of the Canadian Book and Printing Arts, featuring Will Rueter of the Aliquando Press.

Printed offset by Tim Inkster on the Heidelberg KORD at the printing office of the Porcupine's Quill in the Village of Erin, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.

Smyth sewn into 16-page signatures with hand-tipped endleaves front and back.

Keepsake laid in is after an image by Frank Newfeld that appeared in Leonard Cohen's The Spice-Box of Earth (1961). It was printed letterpress on the VanderCook by Don McLeod and Stan Bevington at Coach House Printing, Toronto.

The cover features two illustrations by Frank Newfeld.


The Devil’s Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

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In This Issue:

Frank Newfeld and McClelland & Stewart’s Design for Poetry Series, by Randall Speller

Digitizing the Canadian Printer & Publisher, by Anne Dondertmann and Marlene Van Ballegooie

In Memoriam: Richard Outram, by Wayne Clifford