featuring the Visual Art of James Reaney & the R. Hoe Cylinder Press at Black Creek Pioneer Village

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In DA 82 curator Tom Smart examines the `playing witness' symbol in James Reaney's poetry, drama and visual art. Smart argues that Reaney's work offers paths which transcend the banal and pass over to a world of heightened perception in which the power of play facilitates the embrace of life's condition of disorderly continuity, absurdity and unpredictability, renders it bearable and endows it with a quality of grace.

Also in this issue, Stephen Sword contributes a short history of the cylinder press housed at Black Creek Pioneer Village, along with a chronicle of his experience learning to operate and maintain the press. Chelsea Jeffery provides `Notes on Early Printing in the Yukon', including a few tidbits of history from the Whitehorse Star.

Recurring features include the Rogues' Gallery, featuring a profile of Bill Poole, and Richard Kegler’s discussion of the letterpress curiosity Alpha-blox. Kandid Kamera shares photos from a celebration of Robert R. Reid's 90th birthday and 69 years of designing and printing.

The front cover image by James Reaney is after a watercolour called The Typewriter. The keepsake is a portrait of Bill Poole, engraved on wood and printed letterpress by George A. Walker on paper donated by the Japanese Paper Place.

Large-format posters from the Robert Reid exhibition

Large-format posters from the exhibition `Robert R. Reid, Celebrating His 90th Birthday and 69 Years of Designing and Printing'. Credit: Don McLeod.


The Devil’s Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

DA 82
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In This Issue:

The Visual Art of James Reaney and the Iconography of His Imagination
by Tom Smart

The Tale of a Mechanical Marvel: The R. Hoe Large Cylinder Press at Black Creek Pioneer Village
by Stephen Sword

Notes on Early Printing in the Yukon
by Chelsea Jeffery

A Rogues' Gallery: Bill Poole
by George A. Walker

by Richard Kegler