Featuring the Wood Engraving of Rosemary Kilbourn

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Keep reading to see lots more information about the contents of this issue, including an iconic photograph of Rosemary Kilbourn taken by Pete Paterson.

DA 70 (Spring 2012) features an essay by Tom Smart entitled The Wood Engravings of Rosemary Kilbourn, illustrated with details of nineteen of the artist’s images and two photographs by Pete Paterson.

The issue also includes an appreciation of Will Rueter’s Aliquando Press written by Donald Taylor, and illustrated with ten photographs.

The Rogue’s Gallery features James Crear Reaney, and includes a portrait by John Reeves.

The Kandid Kamera feature includes photographs of the North Star Press exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and highlights of the Aliquando Press exhibition at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Rebruary 2012.

Printed offset on the Heidelberg KORD at the printing office of the Porcupine’s Quill in the Village of Erin, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. Smyth sewn into 16-page signatures. With coloured endleaves, hand-tipped, front and back.

Keepsake laid in is after an engraving by Rosemary Kilbourn entitled ‘Late August’. Printed letterpress by Nicholas Kennedy at Trip Print Press. The cover was printed offset by Tim Inkster at the Porcupine’s Quill after an original engraving by Rosemary Kilbourn.

Rosemary Kilbourn

  Rosemary Kilbourn. Photo by Pete Paterson.


The Devil’s Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

DA 70

Out of print

In This Issue:

The Wood Engravings of Rosemary Kilbourn by Tom Smart.

Will Rueter and the Aliquando Press by Donald Taylor.

A Rogues’ Gallery features James Crerar Reaney.