The Iconography of James Reaney: An Anecdotal Bibliography by Tim Inkster

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Keep reading for more information about the contents of this issue and for a photograph of George A. Walker at the launch of The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook.

DA 75 (Fall 2014) features Tim Inkster’s anecdotal biography of renowned Canadian poet, playwright and father of the Southern Ontario Gothic style, James Reaney. The article combines biographical information, historical context and an analysis of design alongside personal reflections to create a thoughtful consideration of Reaney’s diverse body of work.

The issue includes Shane Neilson’s profile of David Brewer and Rabbittown Press in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with a focus on the Rabbittown edition of Bliss Carmen’s Low Tide on Grand Pré and a short discussion on the complexities of translating books from page to screen.

DA 75 also contains a sampler of images from The Grand River, a book of wood engravings and texts by Gerard Brender à Brandis and Marianne Brandis.

Recurring features include Richard Kegler’s discussion of Victor Hammer’s Aurora Uncial, as well as The Rogues’ Gallery, featuring Chester Gryski’s profile of designer Glenn Goluska.

Kandid Kamera showcases a variety of special events including the launch of Alan Stein’s Viewfinder, the launch of George A. Walker’s The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook, and the Alcuin Awards night.

The cover image is adapted from a design by Paul Arthur that appeared on the case of James Reaney’s The Red Heart (1949).

The keepsake is a specimen of Victor Hammer’s Aurora Uncial (1939) printed letterpress by Wells Book Arts Center director Richard Kegler on Canaletto Grana Grosso Cover.

George A. Walker design

George A. Walker launching The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook at the Craft Ontario Shop in Yorkville. Credit: Don McLeod.


The Devil’s Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

DA 75
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In This Issue:

The Iconography of James Reaney: An Anecdotal Bibliography by Tim Inkster

Rabbittown Press, David Brewer, Prop. by Shane Neilson

A Sampler: Images from The Grand River by Gerard Brender à Brandis

Richard Kegler examines Victor Hammer’s Aurora Uncial

A Rogues’ Gallery: Glenn Goluska