Grasset Ornaments

The following images were found in La plante et ses applications ornementales, by Eugène Grasset (Paris: E. Lévy, n.d. [ca. 1896]).

Grasset (1845–1917) was a Swiss artist whose early work as a painter and sculptor for the theatre, and then as textile designer, evolved into a remarkably successful career in graphic design. His posters, illustrations, logos and other commercial designs garnered him a reputation a pioneer of the Art Nouveau style.

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columbine image 1
columbine image 2
columbine image 3
columbine image 4
columbine image 5


geranium image 1
geranium image 2
geranium image 3
geranium image 4


gourd image 1
gourd image 2
gourd image 3
gourd image 4


iris image 1
iris image 2
iris image 3
iris image 4


poppy image 1
poppy image 2
poppy image 3
poppy image 4


snowdrops image 1
snowdrops image 2
snowdrops image 3
snowdrops image 4

Water Lily

waterlily image 1
waterlily image 2
waterlily image 3
waterlily image 4
waterlily image 5
waterlily image 6

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