Most of these images (27 in total) appeared in A Brazilian Alphabet by P. K. Page (2005). Many of them are listed here by their name in Portuguese. Some of the images are quite large.

Click on the thumbnails below to view full-size, print-quality images. If you would like to save the full-size image image, right-click on it and select save from the resulting menu. (Note: Some files are quite large and may take several minutes to download.)

Mardi Gras mask engraving
cow and calf engraving bear engraving
monkey faces engraving banana tree engraving yeti engraving
tatu armadillo engraving galinha rooster engraving
two sisters, women engraving quitandeira, women with child engraving woman gazing into mirror engraving bird, toucan engraving
bird, parrot engraving bird, macaw engraving Sabina, bird engraving
Dona de Casa, mother, wife engraving escola, school engraving
livro, reading engraving children, playground engraving cesta, basket engraving
cherub engraving xarope, cough syrup engraving
mother and child, bedtime engraving children engraving, bad dreams, nightmares
fazenda, farm engraving palmeira, palm trees engraving aquaduct engraving
iguana engraving

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