These images (54 in total) are from Salad for the Solitary and the Social by Bobbett and Matthews, printed in 1872 by De Witt C. Lent and Company, New York.

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Salad title page engraving portrait engraving salad engraving
headpiece engraving
glorious sirloin engraving feast engraving
nagging wife engraving owl and parrot engraving
headstones engraving cemetery engraving
new baby engraving matrimony engraving
monk with books engraving nothing engraving costly books engraving
jousting engraving the hunt engraving empty success engraving
fairy engraving book craft engraving press engraving
medicine engraving strange sickness engraving last words engraving
small tree engraving big tree engraving
the love of money engraving treasure engraving
the sick scholar engraving rich woman engraving the poor genuis engraving
the social and the selfish engraving the social and the selfish engraving the toilette and its devotees engraving
the seasons engraving a year engraving
the pen is mightier than the sword engraving the pulpit engraving pastimes of the pen engraving
the law engraving the humours of law engraving dozing engraving
mansion engraving gathering flowers engraving town engraving
the bad student engraving the scribe engraving flower girls engraving
a puff at parting engraving pipes and their patrons engraving Slumber engraving
whining dogs engraving sleep and its mysteries engraving the rescue engraving

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