Most of these images (33 in total) appeared in DA 69, to accompany an essay by Seth on the ‘Canadian Vernacular’. Some of the images are quite large.

Click on the thumbnails below to view full-size, print-quality images. If you would like to save the full-size image image, right-click on it and select save from the resulting menu. (Note: Some files are quite large and may take several minutes to download.)

beaver engraving beaver hand engraving
swimming beaver engraving beaver with log engraving
maple leaves engraving maple branch engraving rodent skull engraving
iceberg engraving Bute Inlet engraving Labrador landscape engraving
whale mouth and baleen engraving muskox engraving
polar bear engraving wolf engraving
bison engraving reindeer head and antlers engraving
fish, sturgeon engraving diving bird, loon engraving
decorative cornucopia engraving decorative bird nest engraving
architecture, decorative finial engraving architecture, decorative finial engraving
bird, English robin engraving insect, mosquito engraving
insect, dragonfly engraving Ottawa, Canadian Parliament Buildings engraving
New Brunswick, St. John, waterfall engraving lights at night engraving Niagara Falls, waterfall engraving
Queenstown, Major General Sir Isaac Brock, Brock Monument engraving gothic house engraving
small maple leaf engraving

The Devil’s Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.