Many, if not most, of the images in this section are taken from Select Fables; with Cuts, Designed and Engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, and Others, prior to the Year 1784. Printed in Newcastle by S. Hodgson, 1820.

Click on the thumbnails below to view full-size, print-quality images. If you would like to save the full-size image image, right-click on it and select save from the resulting menu. (Note: Some files are quite large and may take several minutes to download.)

Mask 1 engraving Mask 2 engraving Mask 3 engraving
Mask 4 engraving Theatre masks engraving
Modern Border 1 engraving Modern Border 2 engraving Modern Border 3 engraving
Swan lamp engraving Tilt-hammer engraving
Windsor forest engraving Death engraving
Abraham engraving Elizabeth engraving
Squirrel cage engraving Ship of Fools engraving
Phoenix engraving Bull fight engraving
Prizewinning engraving Cromlech engraving
Vatican engraving Stone circle engraving
Balloon basket engraving Hot Air Balloon engraving
Common Cormorant engraving Vatican engraving
God almighty engraving Vatican engraving
The Fall engraving Creation of Eve engraving
Effigy in Lava engraving
Lip Ornaments engraving Gay Abandon engraving
Devotion engraving Man with Umbrella engraving
Writing desk engraving Rockinghorse engraving
A Poet Begs for Alms American eagle engraving
Dove engraving
Victorian train engraving
Rattle Snake engraving Egyptian naja engraving toxicoa engraving
poison apparatus of rattlesnake engraving
Thomas Bewick engraving
Thomas Bewick engraving Thomas Bewick engraving Thomas Bewick engraving Thomas Bewick engraving
Newcastle engraving Bridge engraving
manicule engraving
manicule engraving
manicule engraving
manicule engraving
phoenix engraving hot air balloon engraving
horse and gate engraving
horse engraving running horse engraving
foxhunt engraving
fox engraving fox hunt engraving
foxhunt engraving
winter path engraving tortoise engraving
heron, bird engraving gannet, bird engraving
fishing engraving fishing engraving
fishing engraving baiting a hook engraving
sprat engraving
baiting a hook engraving fishing engraving
fishing cave engraving trout fishing engraving
mackerel engraving
fishing engraving fishing hole engraving
fly fishing engraving fishing at sunset engraving
Sailor Girl, steamer engraving
porthole engraving shipwreck engraving
rain engraving
bagpipes engraving crypt engraving
squirrel engraving nightingale engraving
castle engraving courtyard engraving
colossus engraving
joy and sorrow engraving genius, virtue, and reputation engraving
astronomer engraving astronomer engraving
New Year, Father Time engraving clock tower engraving
St Paul's cupola engraving
dragon engraving crocodile engraving
chimaera engraving
rhinocerus engraving elephant engraving
white elephant engraving camel engraving
mice engraving leopard engraving
tiger engraving lion engraving
cat engraving
albino bull engraving donkey engraving
two bulls engraving peacock engraving
hawk engraving lark engraving
swan engraving peacock engraving
turkey engraving vulture engraving
pig engraving sheep engraving
fighting cocks engraving sheep engraving
chicken engraving chicken engraving
fighting cocks engraving
garden engraving rose bush engraving
country church engraving
country gate engraving oak tree engraving
rose garden engraving the Old Hound engraving
spring engraving sherwood forest engraving
tranquil stream engraving secluded nest engraving
hares and frogs engraving spring engraving
goat engraving stag engraving
stag engraving
Henrietta Maria engraving melon engraving gargoyle engraving
gatling gun engraving pottery engraving dalmatica engraving

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