The First Ever Bound Book Arts Fair

The Bound Book Arts Fair is a brand new book fair that was held for the first time December 2 in the Great Hall of the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. The event grew out of the sad cancellation of the OCAD U Book Arts Fair, and admirably filled in the gap with an opportunity for bookish browsing right before the holidays. The event featured books, prints, broadsides, cards and other bookish delights. A fascinating exhibit of antique typewriters was also on site, for attendees’ viewing pleasure. Three cheers for Don McLeod, for once again lending his photography talents.

Bird's eye view of Bound Book Art's Fair

A bird’s eye view of the fair. Also proof positive that the Great Hall at the Arts and Letters Club kind of looks like Hogwarts.

Alan Stein, Camilla Gryski, Chester Gryski

Alan Stein, Camilla Gryski and Chester Gryski take a break at the Arts and Letters Club.

Wesley Bates

Wesley Bates proudly displayed his wares.

Antique typewriters

Antique typewriters from the collection of Martin Howard (

Antique typewriters

More beautiful antique typewriters from Martin Howard’s collection (

Antique typewriters

Still more typewriters. I think these are my favourite of the bunch!

Printing press

Of course at a book arts fair there MUST be a press!


portraitMany thanks to all who turned out for the event. A big shout out to the event sponsors, the Japanese Paper Place, Aboveground Art Supplies and The Alcuin Society, as well as to the organizer, Michelle Walker, and designer, Kathleen Parle. Looking forward to next year’s event! For more photos of the Bound Book Arts Fair, be sure to check out their Facebook Page.sig

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Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market 2017

This weekend, the Porcupine’s Quill and the Devil’s Artisan were in Toronto for the annual Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market. The event took place at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre on November 18, and attracted an enthusiastic group of attendees interested in books, chapbooks, broadsides, zines and other creative materials. DA’s Don McLeod was there with his trusty camera, and we are pleased to share some of his photos.

Paul Dutton, Allan Briesmaster, Hugh Thomas

Paul Dutton of Underwhich Editions talks to Allan Briesmaster of Quattro Books and writer Hugh Thomas

Cary Fagan and Bernard Kelly

Cary Fagan and Bernard Kelly of Espresso Chapbooks

Adrienne Weiss and Carleton Wilson

Adrienne Weiss and Carleton Wilson of Junction Books

Anne Dondertman

Anne Dondertman of Sherwood Press

Jeff Kirby

Kirby of knife | fork | book


portraitSo good to see all your faces, whether they were new or familiar! Be sure to catch us at our next event—the Book Arts Fair at the gorgeous Arts and Letters Club.

All the best,sig

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Alcuin Society Awards Evening in Toronto

On October 2, the Alcuin Society held their annual ceremony honouring the winners of the 2016 Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. The evening took place at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, and featured not only the lovely award-winning books, but also a talk by celebrated illustrator and book designer, Frank Viva. DA’s Don McLeod was on hand to take some photos.

David Phillips

David Phillips, president of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, greets attendees at the Alcuin awards evening.

Chester Gryski

Host Chester Gryski recognizes some of the winning book designs

Frank Viva

Designer and illustrator Frank Viva gave the keynote speech.

Book designers Peter Ross and Linda Gustafson

Book designers Peter Ross and Linda Gustafson of Counterpunch Inc.

Grant Hurley, Linda Gustafson, Frank Viva, and Chester Gryski

Grant Hurley, Linda Gustafson, Frank Viva, and Chester Gryski at the Alcuin awards evening.

Alcuin winners

A smiling group: Kate Hargreaves, Benoȋt Tardif, Frank Viva, Chester Brown, Beth Oberholtzer, Anouk Pennel, Marlene MacCallum, Daniel Canty, Branden Douglas, Esmé Shapiro, Raphaël Daudelin.

EDIT: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported the names in the final image, confusing Pennel and Daudelin. Our apologies for the mix-up!


portraitA huge congratulations to all! Be sure to check out the full list of Alcuin Award winners and browse the lovely designs.


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Peek Inside the Covers of DA 80…

If you haven’t picked up your copy of DA 80 yet, consider this your friendly reminder of what you’re missing! This issue features the work of Tyler Bright Hilton and uncovers the unusual artistic influences that found their way into Hilton’s work. Also featured are Chester Gryski’s personal annotations for Andrew Steeves’s book, Glenn Goluska in Toronto, and Shane Neilson’s interview of Lisa Johnson, administrator of the JackPine Press Editorial Collective.

Here are a few photographs to whet your appetite:

Cover of DA 80

The cover of DA 80 features a partial showing of an unfinished version of Rod McDonald’s Cartier Book Cyrillic.

Keepsake of DA 80.

The keepsake is a specimen of Chromatic Ornate and has been printed by the Virgin Wood Type Manufacturing Company of Rochester, New York.

Spread from Tom Smart's `An Alice of a Different Order'

A spread from Tom Smart’s `An Alice of a Different Order: Tyler Bright Hilton’s Suite of Twenty Etchings’

Spread from Chester Gryski's annotation of Glenn Goluska in Toronto

A spread from Chester Gryski’s `Glenn Goluska in Toronto: An Appreciation and Annotation’

Spread from Shane Neilson's interview of Lisa Johnson

Spread from Shane Neilson’s interview with JackPine Press Editorial Collective’s Lisa Johnson



Hope you enjoyed this peek beyond the covers. Get your copy here!


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