Peek Inside the Covers of DA 82

Every year at the Grimsby Wayzgoose, we unveil the latest issue of the Devil’s Artisan. We recently completed DA82, featuring the richly symbolic visual art of multitalented author James Reaney. We’ve also got some short, fun pieces on the cylinder press at Black Creek Pioneer Village as well as early printing in the Yukon. Take a gander at these photos to get a sense of the joys that await!

The vibrant front cover image features a watercolour by James Reaney called The Typewriter

The vibrant front cover image features a watercolour by James Reaney called The Typewriter.

Page spread featuring page of gaMbiT magazine.

This eye-catching spread, featuring a page from the satirical magazine gaMbiT, is from the featured article, “The Visual Art of James Reaney and the Iconography of His Imagination” by Tom Smart.

Page spread from Stephen Sword's article about the R. Hoe Large Cylinder Press.

Stephen Sword’s “The Tale of a Mechanical Marvel: The R. Hoe Large Cylinder Press at Black Creek Pioneer Village” is full of history, as well as images of the press at work.

Spread from Chelsea Jeffery's "Notes on Early Printing in the Yukon"

Chelsea Jeffery contributed “Notes on Early Printing in the Yukon”, documenting a seldom studied aspect of Canadian print history.

Keepsake: Portrait of Bill Poole.

Of course, every copy of DA comes with a keepsake. In this issue, we have a portrait of Bill Poole, engraved on wood and printed letterpress by George A. Walker on paper donated by the Japanese Paper Place.


portraitWell what do you think? If you don’t have your copy yet, be sure to pick one up here. There is so much to look at in this one that a few pictures really don’t do it justice.


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